hi Christiian,

i hope you’re doing well.

I want to create SEO pages like this: mywebsite.com/freelance-seo-paris
Freelance = listing type
Seo = category (taxonomy)
Paris = region (taxonomy)

For that, i’m using “content page generator” plugin which is :
– create automatically all the pages (combination category x taxonomy)
– add automatically custom meta post for each page (in my case category and region)

So, i’ve a template in which i want to use this custom meta post to fill the toolkit’s listings feed. There is 2 possibilities to do this:
– use explore page query url : i’ve created the right URL with the custom meta post but it doesn’t works
– or use filter : it’s not possible to use dynamic tags for the different field (only the scrolling menu is available).

Can you help me ?

thanks a lot

yellowwave Answered question 08/10/2021