Style your MyListing site using Elementor!

This addon brings the full functionality of Elementor Pro to the MyListing theme, allowing your to create custom, dynamic layouts for multiple parts of the theme.


Unlimited design options using Elementor
& the MyListing Elementor Toolkit

Dynamic Tags

Dynamic tags enable you to use all MyListing fields in your preview card. You choose what to show where!

MyListing Widgets

Our custom made widgets allow you to showcase work hours, locations, dates and more fields from the MyListing theme.

Display Conditions

Use conditions to display a different design for each listing type.

Full flexibility

No more dull, standard layouts
Full control over the layout, using Elementor Theme Builder

Free vs Pro

What benefits does the Pro version have?




Dynamic templates using Elementor

Premium support

Theme locations



Single listing page

Preview / index cards

Quick view popup


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, using the Display Conditions of Elementor you can create a unique layout for each listing type. You can even narrow down further can make unique templates for each region, category or custom taxonomy.

You can use MyListing simple fields like email, phone, text, url, location etc.

For the more advanced field types, separate tags are included, like work hours, image and rating.

Almost every widget! Most Elementor widgets are supported, so nothing limits you from throwing in advanced elementor widgets!

Yes, this is supported, and we recommend it, as it makes the explore page faster.

As far as we know, every MyListing functionality will work.


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