Display widgets based on package or priority

Display widgets based on package or priority

Many MyListing site owners want to display fields based on a package / priority that the listing has.

The Toolkit Pro facilitates this, by supporting the Dynamic Conditions plugin.

Dynamic Conditions

Download this plugin on your site.

Go to the single listing in Elementor, and select the widget you want to display conditionally.


Click the dynamic tags button, and scroll down to the MyListing section, select Package or Priority.


In this example, I set the Package as the tag, set it to show if the condition is met. Then I set the condition to equal and value to Basic.

So in this example, the widget will not be visible if the package is Basic (but it will be for the other (more expensive) packages.)

You can do the same for the Priority tag.

The priority is returned as a number.

The following priorities can be used as conditional value:
0 => No Priority
1 => Featured
2 => Promoted
3+ => Custom priority